Semiconductor, PV, LCD, LED, Composite materials

Grace Human Capital International was founded in 2012 and has been growing rapidly by fulfilling clients’ recruitment needs. We are specialized in the following important Human Capital qualities:
Networking and database: We established strong networks with people from a variety of industries. Including a growing candidate pool in every function to satisfy our clients needs. Our goal is to continuously enhance our abilities in order to support our clients’ growth in human capital.


Our search method is reviewed and updated constantly.  In addition to maintaining a strong talent pool, during such dynamic business environment, we determine how it could influence companies and provide alerts to the change of the talent market. We are aware of the cultural differences among regions or industrial fields. We have a variety of different approaches to search for talent.


Close relationship with clients thru frequent communication with hiring managers. Our mission is to understand the opportunities and challenges which are faced by our clients.  We are committed to providing solutions which assist our clients to achieve their goals.


Career counseling: We care about our candidates’ career development.  An employee will perform significantly better when the company's requirement and candidates expectation match perfectly.  Career coaching will not only benefit the career growth of an individual, but it will also reduce the cost of potential replacements within the organization. When employees work together in order to accomplish the company’s goals, they become valuable assets. In order to retain talent within a company, career coaching must increase the value, satisfaction and capability of employees. This is how companies can continuously improve their capital investment.

Semiconductor, PV, LCD, LED, Composite materials

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