We work closely with HR departments, direct hiring departments, and strategic management teams to provide creative solutions for all human resource (business) needs. Our business grows together with our clients’. We work with start-up companies beginning from the business initiation to becoming one of the key players in the field. We also work with established companies to facilitate your growth in Asia.

While we are located in Taiwan our service territory covers Asia, including China, Taiwan, and Singapore. For the past few years, we have developed our manpower pool in Shanghai, Beijing, Tianjin, Goundong, SiChuan, and GanSu provinces in China.

The industries that we specialize in are:
- IT
- Electronics
- Semiconductor
- PV
- Composite materials

Semiconductor, PV, LCD, LED, Composite materials

Having the right people in the right place is a beginning of business succeed; simultaneously, it is a result in a well-structured and managed organization. Other than recruitment, we are able to support individual on career coach and to provide services to companies for the local HR administration. Please contact us for details at